School Meal Prices 2015 - 2016

USDA regulations: 7 CFR 210.14(e) require school food authorities (SFAs) to ensure sufficient funds are provided to the nonprofit school food service account for meals served to students not eligible for free or reduced price meals. There are two ways to meet this requirement: either through the prices charged for “paid” meals or through other non-Federal sources provided to the nonprofit school food service account. 

The Total Price increase required for OCPS is $.31 to be implemented over two years. The first phase will be the $0.05 increase at the elementary school, the $0.10 at secondary schools. The price for adult meals must meet the full cost of the meal including labor and food costs so as not to be supplemented by the USDA program.

OCPS School Meal Prices 2015 – 2016













Reduced Price Breakfast*




Reduced Price Lunch*




*Prices set by USDA

Please see the OCPS Web Site for Meal Applications for free or reduced priced meals and to join Club Lunchto be a taste tester, give meal evaluations, and receive notices about prizes and special offers. is the link for applications

To make payments for school meals please see the on-line School Pay option. is the link for school pay

Questions: OCPS School Meal Benefits Office: 407-317-3700 ext. 2023966