Second Grade

Second grade is an amazing year!

Students dive right into reading and writing. We analyze text features of fiction and non-fiction texts. We explore characters perspectives through prose and poetry. Character Day in October is the perfect day to display your love of literature. Math takes us on a journey of addition and subtraction through different methods. Money, geometry, time, and measurement provide even more hands-on activities. Students explore different ways of solving real life math problems. Science gives everyone the opportunity to discover and make meaning of the world around them with experiments to solidify concepts. We celebrate STEM day and Kite day which put our science skills into action! In Social Studies students will discover more about their community for example geography, economics, history, and civics. Colonial Day is celebrated in November and students participate in rotations while learning about different cultural traditions. Second graders will also have two field trips where they can have fun and learn with their friends in the local community!