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Welcome to Stone Lakes Elementary School!
“An Innovation School”

Greetings Eagles,

Welcome to Stone Lakes Elementary School (SLES) is the home of the Soaring Eagles. We are located in the heart of the Avalon Park Community. We have an amazingly outstanding school with dedicated teachers and staff, excellent students, and highly involved parents. The success of Stone Lakes Elementary is a collaborative effort involving all our stakeholders. SLES has a history of academic success. In a traditional school year we have we offered a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities for students which include the Green Team, Robotics Club, Chorus, Orff, Recorder, Kiwanis Kids, News Crew, Battle of the Books, and an annual school play. In addition, we are an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Center School that provides educational supports and services to students with autism. We provide a continuum of services to our ESE students through our self-contained classrooms to our inclusion support and mainstreamed classrooms that creates opportunities for all our students to be educated in their least restricted environments. Our current Innovation Plan highlights the inclusionary models, innovative techniques and professional collaboration that is present at SLES to provide the differentiated support that many of our students need to be successful at school.

This year we initiated the process to start our School Agriculture Program which includes farming and livestock. Agriculture education provides a hands-on and highly engaging experience for all students that incorporates a wide variety of skills, including reading, math, science, social studies and critical thinking. In addition, students will have leadership opportunities, learn how to collaborate as a team, and participate in Problem Based Learning (PBL). The garden enclosure will be approximately a 50 ft x 50 ft area which will include at least one large garden bed for each grade level and the coops for our two chickens and rooster. All students will participate in this program. The SLES Agriculture Program will support our feeder schools Avalon Middle School and Timber Creek High School, because they already have an established Agriculture Program. This partnership creates a seamless pathway of opportunities for our students starting in kindergarten. Our previous students who attend Avalon Middle School will create videos and visit SLES and provide learning opportunities for our students. Besides the academic gains our students will experience with this program they will build a connection of community, environmental awareness, and learn the importance of responsibility.

We also have been recognized by the district for our Green School efforts. The Green Schools Recognition Program honors and rewards schools for their sustainability efforts to conserve energy and water, reduce waste, improve health and well-being, enhance the school grounds with gardens and outdoor learning areas while incorporating sustainability in the curriculum and develop community partnerships. The success of our green school efforts are due to a collaborative effort with our students, teachers, and community.

Stone Lakes Core Beliefs

We believe that every child is capable of greatness and they each should have a positive school experience.

We believe that with an infinite mindset all students can learn and reach their academic potential even during a pandemic.

We will work cohesively between face to face staff members and LaunchEd teachers to ensure the success of every student.

We believe that everyone (students and staff) should have a voice and be recognized for their contributions.

We believe working in collaboration with our parents and community members will create a successful and happy learning environment for our students and staff.

We are looking forward to another successful year at SLES!

Andrew Rollins, Ed.D.
Proud Principal 

Recent News

This August, Dr Rollins, Mrs. Plank, Tina Santoro, and Dana Shutters went to Washington DC to accept the Green Ribbon School of Distinction Award. It was an amazing experience to learn about what the top Green Ribbon Schools in the nation are doing to support our students and the school

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