Notice to Employees

Case No. CA-2019-055

Posted Pursuant to an order of the Public Employees Relations Commission. 

An Agency of the State of Florida

After a hearing in which all parties had an opportunity to present evidence, it has been determined that we have violated the law and we have been ordered to post this notice. We intend to carry out the order of the public employees relations commission and abide by the following:

WE WILL NOT refuse to fully perform our obligations under the grievance settlement agreement with John Dempsey.

WE WILL NOT, in any like or related manner, interfere with, restrain, or coerce bargaining unit members in the exercise of any rights guaranteed them under Chapter 447, Part II, Florida Statues.

WE WILL NOT complete all of the actions agreed to in paragraph three of the grievance settlement agreement.

WE WILL pay to the OCTA its reasonable attorney's fees and costs of litigation incurred in prosecuting this unfair labor practice charge.