Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is an exciting last year in elementary school! 

In Language Arts, our students are guided in developing grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, group discussion, and independent work habits. They also engage in writing for a variety of purposes, routinely strengthening and developing their skills through pre-writing, revising, editing, and giving oral presentations. In math, students focus on expanding their knowledge of the real number system and understanding, creating, and representing data graphically. They are introduced to the basics of geometry and algebraIn social studies, we focus on the United States and the building of our nation. Through science lessons and hands-on labs, students discover a way of thinking and investigating, as well as a growing body of knowledge about the natural world. Fifth graders visit Kennedy Space Center to experience how what they are learning in science is used to better our country and world.

By the end of the year, our eagles are ready to soar on to middle school!